San Juan County Fair August 8-13, 2022

2022 San Juan County Fair Theme is "Red, White & Blue in 22"


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San Juan County Fair

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Thank you for your interest in the Commercial Exhibit Space at the San Juan County Fair.  The following information is provided to assist you in planning for the SJCF.  If after reviewing the enclosed material, you decide to make formal application, complete and return the application form.  As applications are accepted, a contract will be forwarded for proper signature.  All space locations and assignments are assigned at the sole discretion of SJCF.  The information in this manual has been compiled to serve as a guide.

The Fair assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.


  • 10’X10’ inside booth   $250.00
  • Outside Space (size varies) $300.00

**All concessions are pull in**

  • Pull in Concession (F-1 to F-5 food pavilion) $700.00
  • Pull in Concession (3 or more items) $500.00
  • Pull in Concession (2 or less items)  $300.00


Upon arrival please check in at the Fair Office located in the Multi Use Building.  You can verify your space location and receive your credentials and other exhibitor information at this time.


Terms of the exhibit contract require a deposit of one half the total cost to be returned with the signed contract.  Balance of payment must be made prior to June 1, 2022.  All contracts are subject to cancellation if payments are not made on due date.   Make all checks or money orders payable to San Juan County Fair.  No refunds of payments will be made on canceled contracts after June 1, 2022.  All exhibitors must have a fully negotiated contract for space prior to setting up exhibits.

Exhibitors Schedule

Exhibitors may set up Friday August 5th from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm or Saturday August 6th from 8:00 am until 6:30 pm.  Food concessions will need to contact the fair office for set up time.  The fair will be open to the public from Monday August 8th to Saturday August 13th, 2020.  Exhibitors may take down booths beginning Sunday August 15th at 8:00 am.  Outside booths may tear down at the closing of the fair Saturday night.  Booths leaving before this time will not be invited back.

Convention Center Exhibitors

Size: All indoor booth spaces are 10’x10’.  All booths will be draped along the back wall to a height of eight feet with three to four feet draped sides. No signs or decorations will be allowed above the dividers.  Exhibits will not be allowed to come out of the booth area.

Operation: Exhibitors must confine all transactions to the space leased and shall not display signs, placards, brochures, advertisements, or solicit customers in any location on the grounds except within the contracted space. Exhibitors with demonstrations must plan their display so that those watching do not block isles or interfere with neighboring exhibit areas.

Tables and Chairs will not be provided.  Exhibitors will need to provide their own.

The Convention Center will open daily at 10:00 am and close at 10:00 pm Monday – Thursday and will close at 11:00 pm on Friday & Saturday.  Commercial exhibitors in the Convention Center may enter the building one hour before the building opens to the public.

Signs: All signs must be neat in appearance.  No signs or any type of advertising can be hung from the walls or any structure in the Convention Center.  Signs in booths can be hung by straight pins or tape.  NO STAPLES.  No holes may be drilled into the pipe dividers.

Clean-Up: Each exhibitor is responsible for cleaning your own exhibit space.  Cleaning should be done at the end of each day.   Exhibitors are requested to brake down all boxes.  Clean up personnel will not enter booth areas.  Please help keep your area neat and attractive for all visitors to see.


Electrical: Most booths are close to shared electric 110 volt 20 amp outlets. Exhibitors may use approved electric cords to reach a power supply.  Exhibitors must furnish the electric cords.

Water: Most exhibit areas do not have ready access to water.  Exhibitors requiring occasional use of water for display purposes must provide their own hoses, buckets, etc. and shall not allow water to overflow, leak or drain onto the floor.


SJCFA & SJC will make every effort to provide adequate building and ground security during the SJCF.  Security is provided by the San Juan County Sheriff’s Department and San Juan County Parks and Maintenance.  San Juan County Fair Association and San Juan County cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage or for any injury by or for any cause.

Exhibitors must make provisions for the safeguarding of their displays and are urged to insure themselves against property loss or damage and against liability for personal injury.  Exhibitors are not allowed to remain overnight with their exhibits.

Sound Devices

All sound devices such as radios, stereos, speakers, organs, and any other attention getting devices are subject to approval of the management and must be controlled so as not to interfere with other exhibitors.  Flashing red lights and sirens are prohibited in all areas.

Advertising Novelties & Giveaways

Distribution of advertising novelties or other give away’s must be approved in advance by SJCFA at least thirty days prior to the fair.  Name and addresses of winners as well as prizes awarded must be submitted to SJCFA prior to leaving the grounds.

Bumper stickers and other self-sticking items will not be approved for free distribution.  Exhibitors may not place advertising on any part of vehicles parked in the fairgrounds parking lots.  Advertising by exhibitors by means of handbills, or signs on buildings, trees, posts or other places on the Fairgrounds are not allowed.

Exhibitor Services

Commercial Exhibitor Passes & Permits: Commercial exhibitors and food concessionaires will be issued five general admission passes and one gate 4-vehicle pass.  Additional general admission passes (good for one person per day all week) may be purchased for $10.00 each and additional vehicle passes for $20.00 each.  The SJCFA will not be responsible for lost or stolen passes.

Sales Tax

All product sales at the San Juan County Fair are subject to New Mexico State sales tax.  Tax permits are issued by the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department, 5301 Central, NE Suite 1118 Albuquerque, NM Phone (505) 841-6352.  Section 7-1-3 (F) NASA, 1978 states that any vendor engaged in the sale of goods and or services in the State of New Mexico is subject to Gross Receipt tax.  The Gross Receipts Tax should be remitted directly to the NM Taxation and Revenue office, unless otherwise directed.  If you currently hold a New Mexico sales tax license, you may pay your tax as you normally do.

State Compliance

Exhibitors must comply with all state and local laws and regulations, including but not limited to laws and regulations concerning taxation, health, safety, labor, employment and licensing.


Exhibitors having items shipped to the fairgrounds accept full responsibility.  The SJCFA will not make any arrangements for freight.  Only authorized vehicles with a permit will be allowed to enter the exhibit areas for deliveries.  All deliveries must be made before 9:00 am each day.  After this time all deliveries must be made by dolly or other means.

Outdoor Locations

If you are thinking of making any “holes” or “staking” anything to the asphalt surface “DON’T DO IT”it is not allowed.

There are creative and inexpensive ways of securing structures without penetrating or damaging any asphalt surface.

Outdoor locations may open earlier but must close by 11:00 pm Monday – Thursday and 12:00 midnight Friday and Saturday.

Food Service

  •  Concessionaires are fully responsible for the installation, maintenance and removal of their structures, property and belongings.  All personal items and equipment must be removed within one week of the closing of the fair.
  • Each concession must maintain one workable five pound 40 BC approved fire extinguisher in the concession at all times.
  • Concessionaires are required to help keep table areas clean.
  • Grease shall be disposed of properly in grease depositories only.  These will be located behind the concession area.
  • All wastewater shall be disposed of properly.  Do not dump wastewater on asphalt, streets, grass areas or flowerbeds.
  • Concessionaires must sell or dispense all drinks in disposable paper, foam or plastic cup or aluminum cans.  Drinks in glass containers are not permitted.
  • Concessionaires must submit a menu along with prices to the SJCFA prior to the opening of the concession. Prices may not be raised during the fair without the approval from the SJCFA.

Food Service Regulations and Insurance

All food concessionaires must have on file a proof of insurance of one million-dollar liability before opening.  This policy shall also list as co-insured the San Juan County and the San Juan County Fair Association.

The New Mexico Environment Department, 3400 Messina Drive Suite 5000 Farmington New Mexico, 87402 (505) 566-9741 is the regulatory body for all  food vendors.  A copy of the NMED permit must be on file before the booth can open for business.


Only qualified service animals, livestock on exhibit or trained animals for scheduled acts will be permitted on the Fairgrounds.  Any animal found running loose will be turned over the County Animal Control.

The fair reserves the right to remove any vendor from the fairgrounds or to ask vendors to remove any display or item at the discretion of the SJCF Board of Directors